Tree Art

Following the damage to an 800 year old monterey cyprus tree in Stanly Park, work commenced in April 2017 to turn the trunk of the tree into a spectacular piece of tree art. Safety concerns meant the  tree was  to be removed but Gosport Borough Council  arranged for the trunk to be carved into a piece of art. The carving was  done by environmental artist, and former Gosport countryside ranger, Paul Sivell who has completed similar work for Southampton City Council, Portchester Crematorium and the Royal Horticultural Society Gardens.

Follow the path from the sea front, over the bridge and past Alverbank House (Hotel) in to Stanley Park. Turn left at Osborn Gardens and follow the path towards Gomer Lane. On the right you will find the tree art.

Here he is working on the tree in April 2017.

Tree Art in Stanley Park

The carving shows a range of wildlife and nature with a depiction of the borough’s longboat emblem at the top. Paul said: ‘I’m really looking forward to this project, I have strong links to Gosport and it’s great to know I’m contributing something to the area. ‘This carving should last for 70 to 100 years so hopefully a lot of people will have the chance to enjoy it.’

The completed sculpture 14 April 2017.

  Trees Sculpture in Stanley Park Trees Sculpture in Stanley Park Trees Sculpture in Stanley Park

Paul Sivell has a website The Carved Tree, showing his carvings here: