Stokes Bay Coastal Defences

Stokes Bay, Gosport: Five Centuries Of Coastal Defences
Mike Williams and Olaf Bayer
NGR: SZ 597 984
© Historic England
ISSN 2059-4453 (Online)

This report summarises the results of a programme of archaeological and
architectural research undertaken by Historic England’s Historic Places
Investigation Team (West). Research focused on the development of Stokes Bay’s
coastal defences from the late 16th to mid-20th century. This includes the mid-19th
century Stokes Bay Lines and associated forts, and structures created in 1943-4 in
preparation for D-day.
This report was researched and written by Mike Williams and Olaf Bayer.
Fieldwork was carried out by Olaf Bayer, Mike Williams, Mark Bowden and Trevor
Pearson. Aerial photographs were taken by Damian Grady.
The authors would like to thank Gosport Borough Council, The Diving Museum,
Jonathan Fletcher and David Turner (QinetiQ), and Sue Tosdevin (Gosport and
Stokes Bay Golf Club), for permitting or arranging access to various parts of the
study area; and staff at The National Archive, Imperial War Museum and Gosport
Naval and Local Studies library for help accessing archive material. Olaf Bayer
would like to thank David Moore and Rob Harper for answering numerous
questions about Stokes Bay.
Historic England, The Engine House, Firefly Avenue, Swindon SN2 2EH
Research was undertaken between 2015 and 2018