The Canadian Memorial

The memorial to the Canadian troops who departed for the D Day beaches from the four embarkation hards at Stokes Bay can be seen on the promenade close to the Bistro cafe.


The memorial reads:

To commemorate
The embarkation of Canadian troops
From these Gosport Shores
For Normandy
on the 5oth Anniversary of
 Unveiled by the Prime minister of Canada
The Rt.Hon J Chretien
4 June 1994
Canadian Memorial Stone


Approximately 14,000 Canadians landed in Normandy on D-Day 6th June 1944. The Canadian assault force suffered 1,074 casualties, 946 were killed.  The 3rd Canadian Infantry Division left from Stokes Bay, their destination was Juno Bay. The  North Nova Scotia Highlanders embarked from Stokes Bay hard G1.