D Day Fellowship

D Day Fellowship

In April 2016 interpretation boards compiled by The Gosport D Day Fellowship were installed at two points along the promenande at Stokes Bay. One is to be seen close to the site of D Day embarkation hard G3 where the raised walkway from Anglesey Road meets the promenade, the other is at the No.2 Battery (west) end of the promenade.

These boards are part of a series of boards paid for by the Fellowship, Titled Gosport in 1943/44 – D-Day – Preparation and Embarkations for invasion of Normandy. Another has been placed at Hardway close to the surviving Embarkation Hard in Priory Road with two more on the promenade at Gosport ferry gardens.

A leaflet produced by the Gosport D Day Fellowship The Gosport D-Day Trail is available from Gosport Tourist Information Centre

In January 2024 planning permission was granted for the erection of a semi-circular war memorial garden in the location of the existing Mulberry Harbour memorial on the promenade to the east of the Stokes Bay Sailing Club. The proposed plan will incorporate a flagpole, hard and soft landscaping as well as the relocation of the Canadian Memorial. For further details, visit: