Weather and Tides


For the seven day weather forecast at Stokes Bay, go to:

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For the seven day tide forecast, go to:

Stokes Bay, with its gently shelving pebble beach, has the benefit of two high tides each day due to a rare tidal phenomenon known as the Young Flood Stand. A full tidal cycle lasts approximately 12½ hours and therefore, if the flood and the double high water period lasts nine hours, the ebb tide runs for 3¾ hours creating a greater velocity of flow. For more information about this phenomenon, go to:


In exceptional storms coinciding with Spring high tides, waves and shingle can crash over Stokes Bay Road; the council may close the road in these circumstances by using the yellow barriers at each end of the bay but, even if left open, be careful in stormy conditions. The following photos were taken during Storm Nelson in March 2024.