Along the Promenade

If you walk the promenade from west to east, you are on The Golden Mile: one mile to the HQ of the Inshore Rescue at the far end. You will pass the Splash Pool with adjoining children’s play area as you arrive at Pebble Beach opposite which is the petanque play area. You will now be walking past Stokes Bay Sailing Club with a public slipway on the right and a toilet block on the left. There are now a couple of shelters with seats on both sides and you pass two blocks of beach huts before arriving at the one mile marker by GAFIRS.


There are toilet facilities at at the west end of the Bay next to the Diving Museum, in the centre of the bay by Stokes Bay Sailing Club and at the east end of the Bay by the entrance to the car park by GAFIRS.


There are two large shelters at the east end of the Bay where you can sit and enjoy the views out of the wind and many benches mostly donated by Gosport residents in commemoration of family members.


There are many litter bins along the promenade and we urge visitors to use these or the large recycling bins in the Pebble Beach car park.


The promenade is popular with dog walkers with ample dog bins for dog waste. The beach betwen Pebble Beach west to GAFIRS is dog free between 1st May and 30th September. There are no restrictions in the open area and beach beyond GAFIRS and towards Gilkicker.

Beach Huts

There are two rows of concrete beach huts on the east section of promenade close to the GAFIRS headquarters owned and administered by Gosport Borough Council. To be eligible to rent a hut you must be a resident. Huts are rented on a three year term charged annually. For further details visit the Gosport Borough Council website: Beach Huts

Memorials and Interpretation Boards

There are a number of Memorials along the Promenade including: The Canadian Memorial – The D-Day Memorial – The Meryon Drinking Fountain

There are a number of Interpretation Boards including: D-Day Fellowship – Stokes Bay Moat – Views across the Solent – Flora and fauna – Wildflowers

More information about these can be found under the Memorials and Interpretation Boards menus.