About the Friends of Stanley Park

PLease Note: This is not the Friends of Stanley Park website.
This is a page about them.

The Friends of Stokes Bay is not the same group as The Friends of Stanley Park.

In 2018 a ‘Friends of Stanley Park’ was formed to ‘help promote the safe and respectful use of Stanley Park for the future’, with the following mission:
To maintain and encourage the responsible use of Stanley Park to a wide and varied group of the local community through respect and thoughtfulness of the park and other users. To work with local authority agencies and friend’s groups etc, to further develop and maintain the park in line with the wishes of the local community. To develop a community spirit and understanding that we are all acting as trustees for the park to safe guard its use and benefits for future generations.

The group is made up of local residents and regular users of the Park and supported by Gosport Borough Council and Gosport Voluntary Action. It will seek to promote respectful and thoughtful use of the park, by working in together with local statutory partners, community groups and local residents, to achieve a common goal – safeguarding continued use of this beautiful space for future generations.

The Group held an initial meeting in July 2018. It nominated a steering group including an acting Chair, Kevin Green, Secretary and Treasurer. A further meeting to promote the group’s ideas, find further Trustees and ratify the Trustee Board was held at the Alverbank Hotel on Wednesday 10th October 2018. In December 2018 it announced that it hopes to organise a Local History speaker to address the group.

The Friends of Stanley Park do not currently have a website.

The Friends of Stanley Park Facebook Page can be found here:
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