Crazy Golf, Tennis and Petanque

Crazy Golf

Solent Adventure Golf Ltd have a crazy gold course at the centre of the Bay, north of the Pebble Beach car park. For details visit their facebook site: Solent Adventure Golf Ltd


The tennis courts are operated by Solent Adventure Golf Limited  and can be used by obtaining a ticket from the Crazy Golf office. Tennis equipment is available for hire from the golf reception. Access to the courts can be available 24/7. They are open weekends and school holidays from April to September usually from 10:30am until 5:30pm. For more info call  07973 309770.


There are two petanque play areas next to the flower beds in front of the Pebble Beach Cafe constructed in 2009 as part to commemorate Gosport’s link to its twin town of Royan, France. The play area is maintained by the Friends of Stokes Bay. Several of us enjoy meeting on Tuesday evenings accompanied by jazz at Pebbles and on Wednesday’s during the day. Please email the secretary if you wish to be added to our WhatsApp group. 

How to Play

Divide into two teams. The team that wins a coin toss chooses the starting location and then selects one of their players to throw out the jack. The starting location is indicated by a circle that is 14 to 20 inches in diameter and at least three feet from any obstacles. The circle can be drawn with chalk, etched in the dirt with a stick, or made from a piece of rope whatever works. Once the circle is drawn, the player then stands with both feet inside the circle and throws the jack. The jack can be thrown in any direction but must land within 20 to 30 feet of the starting circle and three feet from any obstacle. All boules must be thrown from within the starting circle and with both feet on the ground. The player attempts to throw the boule so that it lands as close to the jack as possible: it is okay to hit the jack. The player must remain inside the circle until the boule has landed. A player from the opposing team then steps into the circle and attempts to land his boule closer to the jack even if it means knocking his opponents out of the way. The boule closest to the jack leads or is said to be “holding the point.” The other team must continue throwing boules until they take the lead or run out of boules. There is no order that team members must follow when throwing their boules: however, they must only throw their own boules, and they must go one at a time from within the starting circle. If they take the lead, the other team then tries to recover by landing a lead boule.

Once a team has used all its boules, the other side is allowed to throw the rest of its boules. When all boules are thrown, the points are counted. The team that has the boule closest to the jack wins the round. In addition, they also receive a point for each boule that is closer to the jack than their opponents closest boule. Only one team scores points during a round. The first team to earn a total of 13 points wins the game. There is not a required number of rounds that must be played.