Positivity Pebbles

Whilst walking along the beach at Stokes Bay you may find one of these beautifully painted pebbles.

Positivity Pebbles

They are Positivity Pebbles, created by Jacquie Williams who  came up with the idea to paint inspirational messages onto pebbles and scatter them around Stokes Bay, as an inspiration to people who may be going through tough times.

If you find one, enjoy the moment and reflect upon the meaning behind it. Rather than keep it so that no one else can enjoy the moment why not then place it back on the beach for someone else to find?

Jacquie said: ‘At the height of my mum’s struggle with Alzheimer’s, life was very stressful, so we would come down to the beach to talk about things together.’
‘I thought a lot of people may come down to Stokes Bay to do the same thing, and that it would be nice to put my artistic skills to good use.

‘If someone were to come across one of these pebbles in a time of need, it could be quite uplifting for them.’
‘So far, I have painted around 100 pebbles, but am planning to make a few more.’

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