Society Activities:

One of the objectives of the Friends of Stokes Bay is :

To provide practical assistance, advice and support to Gosport Borough Council and their contractors in maintaining a clean and safe environment in the area, while remaining an apolitical and independent society.

In order to do this we undertake practical work along the Bay.

A massive thank you to all our loyal litter picking helpers who come along and give their support with our litter clean-ups throughout the year.

Sadly, the latest report from the Marine Conservation Society  identifies that our seas are becoming more polluted and the main culprit is plastic.  Litter has increased by 135% since 1994, with plastics increasing by a staggering 180%. Plastic has been found in the stomachs of almost all marine species including fish, birds, whales, dolphins, seals and turtles.

Litter recorded on beaches has risen by 10% in a year.

The clean-ups and surveys of almost 340 beaches around the UK also show ‘on the go’ litter items from our eating out and about lifestyle made up 20% of all the rubbish found. The MCS is calling on UK governments to put a levy on disposables.

Litter Picking

Next Litter Pick

We have had to delay our big Spring Clean which was scheduled to take place in March and we are hopeful that this will now take place on 26th September depending on COVID-19 and social distancing rules nearer that time.   When lockdown first started, the amount of litter was noticeably low, however since the easing it is becoming a worrying issue again.  The latest drug of choice for the party revellers to get high on, is Nitrous Oxide and there have been many of these silver canisters picked up on a daily basis by many members of the public walking on the Bay.

Sadly, the fact that schools have been shut has not helped the situation and as open spaces are the only place they can socialise combined with the hot weather, there has been an ever-increasing number of youngsters spending more of their time at the Bay and elsewhere in the area, with no consideration of the social distancing rules and being seemingly oblivious to the function of picking up their rubbish as they leave.

I would like to suggest a challenge to our members and their families to try and come up with a snappy, hard hitting suitable slogan to make visitors aware that they need to be mindful of the harm careless littering can do…there will be no prizes but perhaps we can lobby GBC to adopt the signage!



Previous Litter Picks


June 2019
Thanks to all those who helped with this litter pick despite the low temperature and strong winds. We are happy to report that the amount of litter collected was small compared with previous picks. This must be down to the fact that the public are dropping less and the hard work of GBC employees who regularly tidy up along the Bay.

Litter Pick June 2019

March 2019
We had the first beach and litter clearance of the season on 23rd March and this was in conjunction with the Keep Britain Tidy Great British Spring Clean campaign and what a success!  We were delighted that over 160 volunteers turned up including the Gosport Wombles, children from the local junior schools, Brownies & scout packs, local families and FOSB members.  The weather was perfect and we collected approximately 65 bags of rubbish.  Our sincere thanks to everyone for helping to keep our Jewel in the Crown a beautiful clean area to enjoy.

Beach clean 23-03-09

Beach clean 23-03-09

September 2018
We took part in the Great Solent Beach Clean in conjunction with The News.
Here are the 6th Gosport cub scouts, who helped with the litter pick.

6th Gosport Air Scout Cubs

6th Gosport Air Scout Cubs

March 2018
An excellent turnout with over 100 people and children coming to help keep Stokes Bay tidy. Everywhere you looked people with blue bags picking up litter could be seen. The weather was kind to us with a warm, Spring day. Thanks to all who helped.

Litter Pick March 2018

Litter Pick March 2018

Litter Pick March 2018

Litter Pick March 2018


June 24 2017
Despite the sizzling temperatures throughout the week, who’d have guessed that we then had to cancel our litter pick on Saturday 24th June.  Although half a dozen of us did brave the elements, the strong winds and heavy rain beat us in the end!

March 4 2017
What a spectacular turnout we had for this litter pack. Over fifty adults with more than thirty children (thanks to parents from Gomer Junior School) helped to scour Stokes Bay for  litter. So many volunteers that litter was scarce. There seems to have been a great reduction in the number of carrier bags, bottles and cans. A significant improvement on previous years.



October 8th 2016

Another sucessful litter pick with the weather much kinder this time. Thanks to all who turned up and helped.

Litter Pick October 2016 Litter Pick October 2016


June 25th 2016

Well done to all those who turned out for the litter pick despite the forecast heavy rain. Twelve sacks of litter were collected.

June Litter Pick

Litter Pick June 2016

Our first litter pick for 2016 saw a wonderful turn out for our ‘Clean for the Queen’ event on 5th March.
This was an initiative by the Keep Britain Tidy campaign and we were joined by members of Alverstoke Women’s Institute, staff from Hampshire County Council, Gosport Street Pastors, County Councillor Chris Carter and local families.

Litter Pick March 2016

Litter Pick March 2016


Litter Pick March 2016

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Litter Pick March 2016

‘Round the Harbour’ litter clean at Stokes Bay on 6 June 2015.

Litter Pick June 2015

Litter Pick June 2015


We organise 4 clearances a year along the Bay – covering the beach and green areas stretching from Bayside cafe to the Gilkicker lagoons.


The Friends have taken on the responsibility for maintaining the paintwork of the two shelters along the promenade at Stokes Bay. Members’ help with this is always welcome. Contact the society if you feel you are able to assist.


Promenade with shelter looking east

Flower beds

The friends have agreed to maintain the two flower beds in front of the Pebble Beach  cafe close to the Sailing Club. Any members who have time to spare and have a talent for nurturing plants will be welcomed with open arms. This is not an easy environment for cultivating seaside plants but the Friends are determined to make a difference so that visitors can enjoy the flowers.
June 2020 Update: The flower beds continue to flourish, although several of the plants supplied last year by GBC unfortunately did not survive the winter and have withered and died.  Our two committed flower team members, Malcolm and Pat Seymour have suggested some appropriate plants which the committee has allocated a budget for them to be purchased.  We offer our sincere thanks to Pat and Malcolm for their support and hard work in keeping the beds looking good.  We had hoped that this year we would enter the Gosport in Bloom, however COVID-19 put a stop to that, but we are ever hopeful for next year!

Pebbles Flower beds Pebbles Flower beds Pebbles Flower beds

Michaelmas Fair

The Friends usually have a stall at the Alverstoke Michaelmas fair held in September of each year in the streets surrounding Alverstoke Village and church.  The Friends’ stall helps to promote the Friends and our activities. We usually have a selection of our publications on display and for sale. Anyone who can spare some time to assist on the stall will be welcomed. Contact the secretary for more details.

Michaelmas Fair 05

Picture 5 of 7

Michaelmas Fair September 2016

Annual General Meeting

The 46th AGM: We have no idea how long this Covid19 crisis will last, so we have taken the decision to cancel our AGM which was planned for 25th June.
I hope that you have all kept well and continue to do so as the lockdown starts to ease and we hope and pray that our scientists both here and throughout the world will find a vaccine to fight this awful virus and that life for everyone will get back to ‘normal’ in the not too distant future.

This would have been our 46th AGM and the first time I believe in the Society’s history that we have had to cancel and regrettably we will not have the opportunity to carry out our AGM business nor meet and chat with you whilst enjoying our buffet and a glass of wine.

Our yearly reports have been sent  to all members by e-Mail. However if you wish to receive an Excel Statement of Accounts, email the secretary or the treasurer.

The nominations and election of officers and committee will carry over until next year’s AGM.