Shoreline Management Plan

The shoreline at Stokes Bay is maintained by Gosport Borough Council in a partnership called the East Solent Coastline Partnership.
The Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership (ESCP) formed an alliance in 2012 to deliver a combined, efficient and comprehensive coastal management service across the coastlines of four Local Authorities of Fareham Borough Council, Gosport Borough Council. Havant Borough Council and Portsmouth City Council.

The overarching vision of the ESCP initiative is ‘to reduce the risk of coastal flooding and erosion to people, the developed and natural environment by encouraging the provision of technically, environmentally and economically sustainable coastal defence and protection measures’.

A Shoreline Management Plan is a non-statutory policy document for coastal defence management planning. It takes account of other existing planning initiatives and legislative requirements, and is intended to inform wider strategic planning. It does not set policy for anything other than coastal defence management.

The accepted plan for Stokes Bay, Titchfield Haven to Gilkicker, is ‘Hold The Line’.
Under this plan, defence structures will need to be maintained and upgraded to provide flood protection to residential areas, commercial property, MOD assets, infrastructure (such as Stokes Bay Road), and amenity open space. In terms of beach management and recycling operations, the frontage is considered as a single management area and will benefit Hill Head, Lee-on-the-Solent and adjacent frontages, with possible beach recycling from Gilkicker Point. Coastal monitoring will be key to the successful management of this frontage.

Storm Katie at Stokes Bay

Storm Katie (March 2016) at Stokes Bay (Credits to original photogrpaher)

Damage to the promenade

Damage to the promenade by Storm Katie at Stokes Bay

promenade storm damage

Undermining of the promenade due to Storm Katie. Scouring has removed the shingle from the beach leaving the foundations exposed and causing the frontage to lean towards the sea.

Storm Katie, 27-28th March 2016, at Stokes Bay  undermined the promenade in three places, causing voids that have left the promenade unsupported. The ESCP  determined the best way of rectifying this, which involved filling the voids with concrete and moving shingle from areas of accretion to those areas that are affected by erosion. Work to correct some  damage began July 2016. Long-term plans to protect the seawall from erosion in Gosport  started in 2017 following a full investigation.

Repair works to re-open Stokes Bay East Promenade 2018

Coastal repair works to the seawall along Stokes Bay, adjacent to the Alverbank East Car Park began week commencing 19th March 2018 enabling the eastern promenade to re-open.

This section of seawall was damaged following Storm Eleanor on the 3rd January 2018, where beach levels lowered, resulting in a large void forming under the promenade. Gosport Borough Council fenced off this area to members of the public for health and safety reasons, while the council’s engineers at the Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership developed an appropriate repair.

The section of footpath to the rear of the cobbled area remained open to the public throughout the works

Earlcoate Construction and Plant Hire Ltd. were appointed by the Council to undertake the repair works, which took  1 to 2 weeks. The lower walkway on the Western Promenade remains closed, while investigations continue into the poor condition of this structure and potential repair options.

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